Monday, 24 December 2012

Turkish Wrestling Story

Last week I took a holiday to turkey with my mate i have known for 6 years now who originates from Turkey. He suggested that i try out the national sport of oil wrestling. So i agreed and on the Sunday he took me down to the local club. We got to the changing rooms and they were packed, I had to put on a black kispet on which i struggled as they were very tight. Then my mate oiled me up getting all over me in my arse and around my balls, this was very awkward but none of the Turkish men seemed to mind.

My mate explained the rules to me such as no ball grabbing or arse fingering and we had a practice fight before i met and opponent, i didn’t fair to bad but struggled once he had his hands down my front, he reached from behind brushing my penis and flipped me onto my back and he won the fight.

My mate found me a match he was about 18 or 19 and I’m 24 so i had an advantage i had thought. After just 3 or 4 seconds he had an arm down my kispet and grasped hold of my balls and fiddled with them to my shock but i was told to carry on no matter what the opponent does so i did and managed to get a hand down the back of his kispet and pushed down as if you remove the kispet you win, it dragged it down a bit revealing most of his arse but he pulled it back up and i could see he wasn’t happy.  This fight realy wasn’t going anywhere just two men with their arms down each others kispets (bit weird if you ask me.) Suddenly his arm lifted and he tried to put his fingers into my arse and he was starting to succed because of the oil and i was quite shocked and was panicking as I had never had my anal region penetrated before and it felt weird. I realised he didn’t want to end the fight and he was enjoying being able to abuse a foreign fighter. No one was even paying attention to the fight and even if they were they wouldn’t see his fingers in my arse.

I really didn’t know what to do know as i was afraid if i twisted my arse might tear so i decide to give as good as i got so with my hand i started to pinch his thighs and i could see it was hurting him but he was very good at controlling this and took his anger out on me by grabbing my penis and starting to toss me off, i could not belive this so i just had to think of my girlfriend and let him do the business and finally after his made me ejaculate he tipped me onto my back and won the fight.

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